Join Domers across the globe who are gathering eggs one at a time as they traverse a lost world! Dino Dome is the most advanced game on the app store utilising the latest advancement in AR kit.

Whether you are on the train, in your bed or on top of a mountain simply track your map and become immersed in an action packed adventure!

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, velociraptor and many more are eligible for competition inside the dome!

As you embark on your quest through the National Dino Dome League you will have to dome up or shut up as the competition is fierce! Gather the most eggs and power ups to win the game all the while dodging the enemy attacks.

Play story mode, or challenge your friends and the world with 4 player online. 2vs 2 play is also available so you and your fellow sauropods can conquer the NDDL as doubles champions!

Check your progression against your fellow domers to see who is the world’s no.1 in our online leaderboards. Unlock dinosaurs and accessories from our Dino Cave so you can customise your dinosaur till your heart’s content!

Simply by aiming your device you can transform your world into a dinosaurs playground.

 The mash up in the Mesozoic era awaits!